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Cessna 172 heading bug

Adam Chivers

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Hi, I am new to the forum so apologies in advance if I make any mistakes.


I was flying IFR on a VOR to VOR in the base game cessna 172. I remember when tuning the heading bug previously, with the mouse scroll, it displaying the correct heading on the heading bug knob itself.


Now I find that it isnt, and I am relying on trying to eye it up manually. Which though realistic is annoying, as I have to go to the map to see if I am on the correct heading.


So does anyone know why it wont display? Im not sure exactly how to Calibrate it before TO


HDG and ALT are set whilst at cruise Altitude



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This might solve your problem:


From the title screen:

-----Go to Settings



------------Then make sure "Show cockpit Tool Tips" is checked.

----------------Then click "OK"

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Do you have other tooltips on other gauges or are they all dysfunctional?


Have you switched to DX10 recently? Because tooltips don't work in full screen with DX10. If you ALT+Enter back to windowed mode do they work?


You mentioned having the tooltip HDG readout previously, is this with the same exact airplane/instrument where it's worked previously? The tooltips are coded into the gauges so it's quite possible one directional gyro in a particular airplane will have a tooltip where another in another airplane might not. In that case it's pretty simple to swap some gauges around and install one with a tooltip that works.

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Ahhhh I did activate direct x 10, I will try disabling that later this evening when I will be flying again. I don't know what the difference is with having it on or off to be honest. I think they are all dysfunctional actually but will check, I only really noticed on the directional gyro. Yes it was the same aircraft, thanks I will update if it works or not 👍
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Ok so I tried the unticked dx10 and was still the same unfortunately, but it did however work in windowed mode. So not too bad I can live with that, pressing alt+enter isnt too much of a problem. It appears to be unanswerable, so will have to put it down as another annoying fsx glitch. Anyway, thanks for the help all
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