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Vussp return to space plan announced


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(Milledgeville, GA) Today, Executive Director Kayamone Sutton submitted an ambitious plan for the VUSSP's return to space. The plan calls for 10 manned and unmanned space missions as part of the SPECTRE program, utilizing the Saturn IB and Saturn V rockets and 3-4 unmanned missions in support. In addition, the plan also calls for the reactivation and reuse of Space Station Freedom that begun almost 15 yars ago. Freedom will serve as a platform for conducting scientific research as well as support deep space manned missions to mars in the future. Sutton's ambitious schedule is outlined as follows:




September 2020 - SPECTRE 1 (Unmanned SIVB)


October 2020 - SPECTRE 2 (Unmanned Saturn V)


November 2020 - SPECTRE 3 (Manned SIVB)


December 2020 - SPECTRE 4 (Manned Saturn V)


January 2021 - SPECTRE 5 (Manned Saturn V)

SPECTRE 6 (Manned SIVB - Freedom)


February 2021 - SPECTRE 7 (Manned SIVB - Freedom)


April 2021 - SPECTRE 8 (Manned SIVB - Freedom)


May 2021 - SPECTRE 9 (Manned Saturn V - Moon)


July 2021 - SPECTRE 10 (Manned Saturn V - Moon)



Freedom Program


January 2021 - Freedom 4 (Resupply)


February 2021 - Freedom 5 (Resupply)


April 2021 - Freedom 6 (Resupply)




A launch vehicle has not been selected for the unmanned Freedom missions, however, further details will be released in coming weeks. Stay tuned for updates!

Kayamone A. Sutton, Sr.

Executive Director, Virtual United States Space Program

(E) ksutton@vussp.org | (W) http://www.vussp.org


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