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Mooney to Palo Alto cia Salinas & Bonny Doon Village


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A nice day to make a trip to Palo Alto However a Touch and go to make sure everything is clicking isn't a bad idea.


1 Tower to duty KMRY.jpg


2 Final 10L T&G.jpg


3 Touch Down Left of CL.jpg


4 Climbout from 10L KMRY.jpg


5 Enroute CL77.jpg


Salinas looks good let's shoot a T&G here too.

6 on Base to SNS Salinas Municipal.jpg


Where'd that guy come from, we probably will have to go around!

7 #2 to Duty.jpg


8 Final to Duty.jpg


Now to head out over the water towards Bonny Doon Village

9 Crossing the Water.jpg


Touch and Go at Bonny Doon Village

10 Final to CL77 Bonny Doon Village.jpg


11 Departing Boony Doon.jpg




Taxi to park in Palo Alto below


13 Taxi to Park.jpg


The weather is RW and RT yesterday afternoon. But with the time difference I never got around to posting it until today.



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