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Ha, aircraft names! Don't get me started....the B-24 (USAAF designation) was called the Liberator (RAF name) and was also used by the US Navy, who called it the PB4Y (Patrol Bomber model 4 by Consolidated (=Y)). This is actually the PB4Y-1, the PB4Y-2 was the Privateer, an upgraded B-24.

The PBY was the first Consolidated Patrol Bomber, the PB2Y Coronado the second, the XPB3Y never made it off the drawing board.

The PBY was called the Catalina by the British, Canso by the Canadians and OA-10 by the USAAF. The PBY went trough different modifications, as PBY, PBY-2 to PBY-6 and when they made an amphibious version of the PBY-5, that became the PBY-5A. You see, all very logical!

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