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animated jetways


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If you click on a parking space (a large colored circle with a jetway symbol), a pop-up window appears with the gate number and aircraft size info about that parking space: Heavy, Medium or Small. Some might show as Ramp GA Large, Ramp GA Medium or Ramp GA Small, but you'll get the idea about which gates are suitable for your plane.

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Hope I'm on the right wave length here...

If the jetway shows up on AFX or ADE, it's animated. (A quick plug to newcomers who may not be aware: AFX is very good, but Airport Design Editor [ADE] provides many extra features, is updated regularly, has a great support forum, and is FREE!)

If the jetway is THERE, but not working, there are common causes:

1. Make sure the Gate number and jetway number are the same. Jetways can only be used with GATES, not RAMP or CARGO.

2. Make sure you are parked EXACTLY on the parking spot. Using ADE or ADX, go to the sim's top down view and slew mode and position the aircraft directly on the parking spot crosshairs. Hit CTRL+J and it should go.

3. If it still doesn't go, check the aircraft .cfg file and see if the [EXITS] section is coded correctly to accept a jetway. HJG makes WONDERFUL aircraft, but used to never code the exits for jetways. There are forums on how to do it and codes to use. If you are in a 737 or A321 or 747, you can use the [EXITS} section from the default aircraft.cfg .

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