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Auto-Control the difference between a Simulator and a Game

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A simulator is a software or hardware that imitates as much as possible the real thing


A game is something that has one button to solve the puzzle or game


By MS adding the Auto-Control, plus auto-land and auto-takeoff fot the sake of toddlers in Xbox...is for simmers, disapointing


Its not simple as "dont use the feature" if the auto-everything is there it takes out a lot deal of the immersion


I hope in future they will release a "Pro" version of the sim that could have no tips, no auto-flying with just one button and "easy flying" modes


Some of you (if I dont say this) will counter:

"But real planes have auto-land, etc"


How naive. Yes. But you know why when a pilot has the runway in sight or vfr he prefers to land it manually?

Because "auto-land" is not what it seems to the general public

Actually auto-land is VERY complicated, requiring a lot of previous work, settings and programming.

Same thing as FMC auto take off and route


So people have the wrong idea that auto-land is just pressing a button.

No, actually its easier to manually land the plane, provided you have the skills


By having a One button auto-complete mission, will back-fire in the intent to please young xbox kids into controlling a 747



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Anything I say is...not as serious as you think

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Yes for all I'm enjoying the visual experience, I currently have XP11 reinstalling (the forthcoming A340 looks oodlesome) and I am squarely referring to FS2020 as entertainment software, in the same way I'd fire up Elite Dangerous or one of the GTA's.


I think MS and Asobo would have won more friends if they had released this as early access and maybe toned down some of the preview footage that was allowed to be shown.

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I think your analysis may be a bit too harsh. Certainly, the effort and impact of the new simulator product has focused on the visual experience, rather than precision of modeling the parameters of flight, particularly those that apply to more high performance aircraft. I am not sure if this is a function of the staff skillset at Asobo or a function of the interests of the alpha and beta team? In looking at the flight dynamic parameters, I do think some areas have been oversimplified in this iteration. In the age of modern computing, you ought to define flight in a more graphical way, rather than in set of tables (which define a graph to a degree). When tables become the definition, the usual result is to oversimplfy. A graphical interface will likely result in greater precision, and maybe better performance. I think there is room to improve on the flight experience without detracting from the magnitude leap in visual performance already achieved. The engine may be capable, but if you don't have proficient scientists and engineers on staff, that won't accomplish the desired result to match the visual product. If the alpha and beta testers are not looking for a well defined flight model, that won't be noticed. I suspect the FMS and high performance flight accuracy can be implemented. It may just be a matter of focus!
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I'm just new back into the sims after many years away. I think your criticism of the auto-control is a little harsh. I havent been able to assess it in detail but I do think that you can just "don't use it". I'll be interested to see what happens as the paid content is developed for it - not just in the graphical prettiness but in the flight models and realism and how that addresses your concerns.
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I've been a simmer for years. I love the auto control. Sometimes I just want to get up and enjoy the scenery and watch the airplane. And the showcase mode means there's so much more to observe. The auto control is a nice feature sometimes and u still have total realism for purists. There's something for everyone here.

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Its not simple as "dont use the feature" if the auto-everything is there it takes out a lot deal of the immersion

Actually, it IS that simple.


If you want the real deal, set all sliders to full and turn off all aids.


Why worry about how others use the game?

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