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My parking brake seems to come on automatically if I'm taxiing and then slow down. This brings me to a halt, obviously, but I then have to release the brake to move on. An rather odd system! Is this related to the 'autobrake' that, on some aircraft, self-activates when you touch down? Is there a way to de-activate it by default? It's a right PITA having to release the parking brake all the time while taxiing.
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For some reason if you start on the runway, the parking brake is off and flaps set even with assistance off. If you start at the terminal brake is on and flaps fully retracted.


I believe default for parking brake is Ctrl-NumPad period, there's also a joystick button assigned but I need to get some little sticky numbers for mine as far too small to see!

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Its weird, though it's probably something we are doing wrong. It's just a matter of finding it!


All part of learning the sim as i see it.


Lovin it so far. I flew around Heathrow in a C172 yesterday with real traffic on. It felt so real, and scary to be there in a C172 ! Lol.


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