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BA Virtual recommendations?


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Hello all,


I like flying with a VA, gives a sense of achievement, actually flying to schedules and getting hours and ranks. I like JetVA to do the Easyjet flights and gets my monies worth out of the Aerosoft A319 - A321's, but I'd like to do some BA flights with this (and the heavies when I get round to it) especially when they do places where Easyjet don't go (like Dublin).


Can anyone recommend this BA Virtual?




There is this one as well




which looks like the Crème de la crème, but then it looks like a lot of faff as well, I have no idea what the Infinite Flight Pro is about, looking on Google it looks like a sim in it's own right, and there's a monthly subscription, and I believe there is a waiting list and all that, but it looks professional, maybe too professional, if it was a paying job I'd put some effort into looking into it, The previously mentioned BA Virtual looks reasonable, is it worth it? It looks like it's been around for a 20 years, but is it still 'active' as such?



Any help appreciated!



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