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I have ordered MSFS 2020, and want to use a yoke, rudder pedals, and throttles With planes like the Boeing 737, but I also want a joystick to use when flying an Airbus. I currently fly with FSX Steam using a T.Flight HOTAS X. Can anyone suggest a set up to achieve what I want for MSFS 2020 and could I still use the HOTAS X for the Airbus or do I need another joystick?

Any suggestions would be very helpful.



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Each control device has a separate profile in "Controls". Which ever device (yoke, pedals, joystick) you have plugged in to a USB port will be detected. If you leave them all plugged in, when you want to use the Yoke/pedals for the Boeing, then just use those. When you fly the Airbus, use the joystick. The device is not tied to an aircraft, therefore, you could use any device for any aircraft.


However, if you have different mappings for different aircraft, you'd need to make a profile for each one and change the profile on the device depending on which aircraft you want to fly.

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